PRESCOTT is located in the beautiful scenery of the ecological tourism resort - Wuyi of Zhejiang province Wang Zhai town Gumashan  industrial Zone &provincial road edge.

With 20 years experience in motor and power tools industry, Dongsen prides on the quality in management, consistent improvements in products quality and its very professional working culture.

PRESCOTT’s strict QC and continuously updated training program for all staff gives a very competitive advantage over others which is also reflected in the quality of the machines and satisfied customers.

Prescott is the international brand for Dongsen and was introduced 6 years ago.

We pride ourselves as a brand with agencies in over 30 countries.We are a one-stop tools station for all your hardware needs.

Our target customers are medium sized customers with great ambition.we strive to help our customers are medium achieve his goal and improve our products and service regularly.